General Consulting Services


Phase One

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is recommended when purchasing commercial property— especially when it is located in a commercially-developed area. During the course of a Phase I assessment, we look for Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) that threaten the property intended to be purchased. This is strictly a historical document/paper review with a site visit to assess likelihood of the presence of RECs at the property. There is no sampling or data collection during a Phase I assessment.

We perform our Phase I studies according to the ASTM 1527-13 and 2247-08 standards; both of which meet and exceed US EPA requirements for All appropriate Inquiry (AAI).


Phase Two

We only recommend a Phase II study when there is a credible threat to a subject site due to a Recognized Environmental Condition. A Phase II study is the collection of sampling data to confirm the presence or absence of Constituents of Concern that have been identified during the course of the Phase I assessment.


Phase Three

Phase III is performed when contaminated materials have been positively identified on the subject site. It is the process of addressing the confirmed Constituents of Concern at the property. This may be performed many different ways, depending on the nature of the confirmed contaminants.

Special Environmental Sampling

In addition to the above, we also conduct special sampling projects for soil contamination or various other groundwater sampling projects dependent on client needs. If you need to have something sampled for a specific parameter, please contact us to discuss your situation, and we can provide you with a quote.

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