Residential Sewer & Water Services 

Why have your system inspected?

There are many different reasons to have your onsite sewer system inspected:

  • Real estate transactions often require a certificate of a working sewer system.
  • To turn on electricity at a property with an onsite sewer system.
  • To move a mobile home onto a property with an onsite sewer system
  • General peace of mind

What does an Onsite sewer system inspection cover?

During a sewer inspection we Inspect condition and test functionality of the following components:

  • Aerator
  • Aerator alarm panel (when present)
  • Aeration components in system
  • Solids level in system to determine if pump out is needed
  • Effluent lift station pump and alarm (when present)
  • Inlet and outlet piping for clogs
  • Conduct flow test to check for clogs (when required)
  • Check for visible signs of tank structural integrity

We are licensed by the LDHH to inspect and service the following brands of onsite sewer systems:

  • Delta Environmental Products
  • Aqua Aire
  • Aqua Safe
  • Jet
  • Modad I
  • Econo HP
  • Alliance

Water Well Inspections and Samples

Our experienced environmental sampling team can sample your water well for many different parameters. Keep in mind the purpose for your sample when deciding which parameters you request, as different lenders may have different requirements for inspections/sampling parameters.

Most commonly requested are parameters include the following:

  • Total Coliform
  • E-Coli
  • Nitrates (NO3)
  • Nitrites (NO2)
  • pH
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Total Dissolved Solids

Why choose Booth Environmental

We at Booth Environmental are fully committed to meeting all your Environmental needs. We go far beyond the minimal requirements because we perform every service according to the highest standards.

"Improving Your Environment"